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Mi-Lady Bakery is an old fashioned scratch retail bakery specializing in fresh made cakes, pies, doughnuts, pastries, cookies, bread and numerous other hand made confections.  At MLB our goal is to put our best possible product in the hands and tummy of every customer.  We adopted a strict rule of "fresh made daily" which means just what it says. We make all of our products from scratch each and every morning to ensure freshness!  At the end of the business day any items that are not sold are donated to the local soup kitchen. It's our way of giving back to the community. Speaking of community, we try to purchase as much of our produce from local vendors as possible. We also purchase our breakfast meats from, Curtis Packing Company, a local family owned business, specializing in “Georgia’s Best Brand Sausage.”


We take pride in baking our own bread for use in our uniquely diverse breakfast and lunch menu. This allows our customers to feel better knowing they are not consumming countless unknown preservatives and fillers.  Our breakfast menu contains a diverse blend of options including: fresh baked yeast raised rolls, grilled breakfast sandwiches, and burritos.  MLB proudly serves Metro Deli lunch meats which are all natural, preservative  free, and contain no fillers or binders.  Our very popular lunch menu is loaded with options as well, including: scratch made soups, hand crafted salads, unique sides, toasted sandwiches, and wraps.  Call ahead and pick up through our drive in window or dine in with us and enjoy the "museum like" atmosphere.

About the Founders

Frank Rhodes and Mabel Dudley met while working in retail bakeries in the 1930’s. In 1937 they finally tied the knot. After marriage the two journeyed across the southeast from Texas to the Carolinas setting up and operating bakeries. Tired from traveling around from city to city, bakery to bakery, the two decided that with small children it would be in their best interest to settle in one area. In 1959 Frank and Mabel Rhodes would bring two of their three children: Nita, and Chip to Tifton, Georgia to begin working in a small undiscovered bakery. In 1963 the Rhodes purchased that bakery and what they didn’t realize at the time was that their legacy would be carried on three generations later. Third generation siblings, Kayla and Kyle Rhodes are currently practicing the same processes and formulas started by their grandparents.


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